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Barangay Siari

            Barangay Siari is a rural barangay located 12 kilometers away from downtown Sindangan.  As of 2019, a total of 3,992 individuals divided into 665 households are registered at the Department of Health, making it the second most populated barangay in the Municipality of Sindangan. 


          It is hemmed on the north by Barangay Nipaan, on the south by Barangay Bago, on the east by Barangay Imelda, and on the west by the Sulu Sea. It covers approximately 1,096.89 hectares of land divided into seven puroks.

We are a diverse group of medical students from the great Ateneo de Zamboanga University - School of Medicine that are assigned in the magnificent Barangay Siari, Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte. 
Ready to face any challenges with the Atenean Spirit and core values.


General Objective:

To reduce the incidence of dengue in Barangay Siari to 25% by the year 2022


General Objective:

To decrease the number of undernourished children in Barangay Siari from to 11.8% to 0% by the year 2022

Solid Waste Management

General Objective:

To improve the solid waste management practices among households in Barangay Siari from 86% to 95% by the year 2022


General Objective:

To decrease the number of individuals with uncontrolled hypertension in Barangay Siari to 50% by the year 2022

Sanitation Services

General Objective: To decrease number of diarrheal diseases cases by 95% in Barangay Siari by year 2022

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